Our Flood ReLIEF Fund


ReSOURCE has established a flood relief fund to provide essential services free of charge to low income Vermonters who lack insurance and the necessary support needed to recover from the devastating flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene. ReSOURCE reached out in response to the widespread flooding in May in order to provide critical support to low income families and received overwhelming feedback confirming the need of essential goods and services. We expect even more demand in the wake of the recent flooding due to the scope of destruction and are committed to providing help in the following ways:


Online Donations: Through our website we are accepting donations via PayPal. Please visit our donations page to contribute. Donate to the Flood Relieve Fund.


Essential Goods: Through our Essential Goods Program, we will provide replacement major appliances, furniture, household goods, and building materials.


Reconstruction: Our YouthBuild crews are already helping with clean-up efforts in devastated communities. This work will transition to rebuilding in the coming months and ReSOURCE through its BPI certified services will deliver construction and weatherization services to families in need while training low income youth in construction skills.


In addition, our Deconstruction service will work with town managers and FEMA to remove and reuse salvageable building materials from structures that must be torn down and recover materials for use in rebuilding.


For more information on the services listed above call (802)658.4143 x20


To meet this need, ReSOURCE is committed to providing the services above and with your help will be able to provide more Essential Goods and Building Materials, and help to reuse and rebuild.


ReSOURCE seeks to raise $50,000 the form of donated goods (used furniture, building materials, home goods) and cash donations.



Please consider donating online to help those affected by the flooding cause by Tropical Storm Irene.